Free Cook Group

At The Resell Zone we offer a free discord cook group, anyone is welcome!

Features & Benefits

Here are just some of the reasons why you would join us at the Resell Zone

Cop For Retail

Within The Resell Zone cook group we offer free on-point information on where to get exclusive shoes for retail price in order to resell or keep for personal.

Release Guides

With a full detailed release guide we will make a guide for every release we believe will be profitable in order for you too have the best chances of copping.


When joining this free cook group we will provide you with resell predictions to help you make decisions based on our community of experienced resellers.


At The Resell Zone we like to reward our members for being part of our amazing group. This is why we do regular giveaway’s for members.


Coming Soon
£ 10 per month
  • Personal Support
  • ACO
  • Instore Information
  • Rapid Monitors
Free Plan
£ 0 per month
  • Release Guides
  • Profitable Item Ping
  • Beginner Guide's
  • Brick Flips
  • Raffle Pings
Coming Soon
£ 25 per month
  • Exclusive Item Flips
  • Investment Information
  • Support Calls
  • Exclusive Instore Info

Free Sneaker Cook Group Discord

What Makes A Good Cook Group?

You join a cook group so you can get the best information on which sneakers to buy in order to flip them. So, by these standards one of the main things a cook groups needs is an active community. This means that you will be able to talk and interact with fellow resellers within your cook group. As well as this, experienced staff is another key factor to a good cook group. In The Resell Zone free cook group the staff provide high value resell predictions and how to cop guides so that you can begin your reselling journey. 

A brick flip guide is another important factor to look out for when deciding the cook group for you. Brick flips are a great way to increase your profit, they are lower essentially lower return on investment sneakers you can make a small profit on in between the big drops. So by having a brick flip specialist in your discord cook group could be the difference between doubling your monthly profit.

Regular giveaway’s, this isn’t necessarily something that make’s a ‘good’ sneaker cook group however, these giveaway’s show to the community that the staff are looking out for them and wanting to benefit them as much as they can. The giveaway’s could be anything from a bot rental to a free pair of sneakers so they are definitely worth entering and something to make the most of within your discord cook group.

Have A Chance To Win A Free Course On Sneaker Reselling


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! You can leave the group whenever you would like to. As the free plan you are not tied in to a monthly subscription so you can come and go as you please.

We mainly cover the UK/US however, we welcome people from all regions who wish to learn how to resell for free.

The simple answer is however much you like! The amount of profit you make is down to how devoted you are to reselling. 

The minimum start up cost would would recommend would be around £100 so that you can cop some sneakers for retail. However, with some of the flips we post you can start with as little as £30.