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What Is A Cook Group?

A cook group is a membership-based discord server that is made up of sneaker resellers. These groups will provide all the information that is needed to buy and sell trainers for a profit. They have people of all experience levels as well as staff who will always be there to help you out with issues or questions you have regarding reselling. 

UK Sneaker Cook group
Have A Chance To Win A Free Course On Sneaker Reselling
Money Dollar You Could Earn From Cook Group

What's the difference between a UK and US cook group?

The short answer to this question is not a lot! The main difference being that a UK cook group will provide their members with sneakers to cop from mainly UK stores for  example, Footlocker UK, Size?, Footasylum etc. so that they don’t have to pay customs etc to get sneakers from across the pond. Whereas, US sneaker discords will provide information on how to get sneakers from places such as Finishline, Snipes, JD Sports and many more.

Reselling Business

Shoe reselling is a growing industry that is expected to be worth $3 billion in the next few years. In today’s market, no longer do people need to buy new sneakers to stay relevant. The reselling of high-end sneakers has become a popular way for consumers to profit off of their investment in shoes that they can only wear once.

So why not give a discord cook group a try?

Need Help?
Cook Group FAQs

Usually cook groups will have a website that you can access which will lead you through the process. However, if you notice the cook group from social media they often use a dashboard link where you will be prompted to log in to Discord and you will then join after logging in.

A cook group has many useful feature’s, if you ever come across a problem there will be experienced people within the group who can help. They tell you which trainers to buy and the expected profit. As well as this, some groups even offer exclusive flips so you can increase your profit.

The normal price for a UK cook group would be around the £30 mark.

Here at The Resell Zone we offer a free cook group where people who want to learn how to resell or for more experienced resellers to discover new tips and tricks can grow and develop their reselling profits.


(WORTH £250)